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Everything You Need to Know About Bar Stools

Determining the Right Height for Your Bar Stool and Counter

To ensure your bar stool is the ideal height for your kitchen counter, start by measuring your counter, which typically falls between 870mm and 920mm in height. Then, examine the bar stool you're interested in, paying close attention to its seat height. For a comfortable fit, we recommend leaving a gap of approximately 30-40cm. Our fixed-height bar stools have a seat height of around 670mm, perfectly suited for the average kitchen counter height. Additionally, our gas lift bar stools offer the flexibility to adjust the seat height to your liking.

Choosing the Best Material for Your Bar Stool

In kitchen environments, we recommend opting for leather or faux leather materials, especially for families with young children, as they are easy to clean. If you prefer a softer touch in your kitchen space, consider our fabric and velvet bar stools. Home Livings collection chairs have been tested to withstand cycles on the fabric rub test, ensuring durability and long-lasting quality.

Distinguishing Between Counter Height Stools and Bar Height Stools

Counter height stools are typically designed for use with kitchen counters or islands, while bar height stools are more suitable for raised bar tables or taller counters. Our Bar Stools are available in various sizes, so always double-check the seat height before making your purchase. We recommend leaving a 15-20cm gap between the seat and the table to provide ample legroom.

Helpful Tip!

For a comfortable seating arrangement, it's generally a good idea to allow approximately 15 - 20 cm of space between bar stools.