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Coat Racks And Umbrella Stands

Stylish coat hooks and umbrella stands can instantly elevate the entrance of your home.

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Coat racks and umbrella stands are essential accessories for any home, providing a convenient storage solution while adding a touch of style to your entryway. Whether you have a small space or a grand foyer, these functional furniture pieces are designed by Home Living to declutter your space and keep your coats and umbrellas organized.

Types of Coat Racks

Wall-Mounted Coat Racks: For modern houses, wall-mounted coat racks with hooks, shelves, or both are an attractive and useful option that conserves floor space.
Freestanding Coat Racks: Freestanding coat racks offer versatility with multiple hooks, shelves, or built-in umbrella stands, allowing for easy movement and rearrangement.
Coat Stands: Coat racks, also known as hall trees, are elegant entryway furniture with a central pole, hooks, and a built-in bench or shoe rack for added convenience.

Choose a coat rack that complements your home decor, whether it's a wall-mounted, freestanding, or coat stand, with styles ranging from sleek modern to rustic wooden finishes.

Types of Umbrella Stands

Freestanding Umbrella Stands: Freestanding umbrella stands come in a variety of styles and materials, such as metal, wood, and decorative alternatives, and are easy to use and adaptable. They are ideal for smaller settings.
Wall-Mounted Umbrella Stands: Wall-mounted umbrella stands are compact, organized storage solutions that save floor space in entryways. They come in sleek, modern, rustic, and vintage-inspired designs.
Umbrella Holders: Umbrella stands are minimalist storage solutions that securely hold umbrellas, keeping entryways clutter-free and preventing spills from reaching floors.

Advantages of Coat Racks and Umbrella Stands

  • Coat racks reduce frustration and provide a neat, functional area by organising entryways with relevant hooks and hangers, making coats, scarves, hats, and bags easily accessible.
  • Coat racks are versatile pieces of furnishings that you can customise to fit your style and make an eye-catching statement in any space.
  • Umbrella stands provide a practical solution for keeping entryways clean and dry by storing wet umbrellas in a designated spot, preventing water drips and mud from contaminating the floor.
  • Umbrella stands provide your foyer with both flair and use. They are available in a variety of styles and materials, from sleek and modern to classic and elaborate alternatives.

Coat racks and umbrella stands are robust, long-lasting investments composed of premium materials that will last for many years.


Q: Can I use a coat rack for more than just coats?
A: Absolutely! Coat racks can also be used to hang hats, scarves, bags, and even umbrellas.
Q: Can I use an umbrella stand for anything else?
A: Yes! In addition to umbrellas, umbrella stands can also be used to store walking sticks, canes, and even yoga mats.
Q: How do I maintain and clean my coat rack and umbrella stand?
A: Coat racks and umbrella stands should be maintained by dusting them from time to time, wiping down metal racks with moist towels dipped in mild soap, and making sure they are totally dry to avoid corrosion.