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Overmantel Mirrors

Overmantel mirrors draw focus upward and provide an accent.

Overmantel mirrors are a great accent to any living space because of the various styles and designs available, ranging from modern to traditional and ornate patterns. We offer the ideal mirror to match your style, whether you want a sleek, modern appearance or a more classic setting.

Invest in an Overmantel Mirror to Boost
Invest in one of our gorgeous overmantel mirrors to upgrade your living area and experience the transforming effect of a strategically positioned mirror. Discover the ideal item to completely revamp the atmosphere of your house by perusing our collection right now. Visit our Home Living Mirrors page to see a larger selection of mirrors for your living area.

The Perfect Accent for a Sideboard or Fireplace
Our overmantel mirrors make a compelling focal point when placed gracefully above your sideboard or fireplace. It offers your living room dimension and space of feel with exquisite light reflection. You can easily improve the overall attractiveness of your space with these mirrors.

Transform Your Space
We ensure a hassle-free installation method since our overmantel mirrors are ready to hang or place. These mirrors go well with any interior design, modern or classic, so they're a great option for any aesthetic.

In What Way Can a Mirror Be Leaned on A Mantel Without Falling Over?

Select a Flat Surface: Make sure the mantel surface is level and solid to provide the mirror with a firm basis.
Utilise Non-Slip Pads: Use rubber feet or slip-resistant pads at the bottom to prevent the mirror from slipping or moving,
Secure the Mirror: Even if it seems unnecessary, fasten the mirror to the wall using furniture straps, wall anchors, or brackets to assure its safety.
Adapt the Angle: To minimise the chance of it falling forward, tilt the mirror slightly backward against the wall for increased stability.


Q: What Is the Ideal Size for an overmantel mirror?
The size and wall area of the fireplace determine the choice of overmantel mirror; for normal fireplaces, the mirror should be proportional to the width of the fireplace.
Q: Can a mirror be placed above a fireplace?
Of course. A mirror over a fireplace improves aesthetic appeal, establishes a focal point, and reflects light, giving the impression that the room is larger and brighter.